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Not Right That Innocents Should Suffer

In the social order of mankind as far back as we have historical records, we witnessed not only nations and families whether in times of famine, disease, natural calamity, conflict (whether personal, tribal or national) and war; peoples sharing some sort of social links (especially through living in the same geographical location) often perished or are afflicted (by these causes), together.

Today it is still mostly the same, even when we travel together in any vehicle of transport, or live in the same building, when the vehicle we are in crashes or when the building we are burned down or collapse respectively, all those in it who were not able to escape (by chance or by vigilance) commonly all perish together. The obvious evident truth witnessed fully and extensively today is that evil in the irresponsible acts of the general population of the world have seen the seas filled with rubbish waste, air in many major cities filled with smog (i.e. smoke from the emission of factories and transport vehicles, land clearing by burning, burning of construction and agricultural waste, human left trash, that has been politically correctly termed as haze by the nations). For nearly two decades now the clearing of forest for land by burning in Sumatra and Borneo has resulted in the air of neighboring countries (especially Sumatra, Singapore and Malaysia) polluted with unhealthy to hazardous haze (i.e. smog). Continue reading

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Readers’ Question: Why Do Innocents Suffer If GOD Is Just.

The question insinuates one of two things: that there is either no all powerful God, or that God (the Creator of everything) is far from loving, kind and just. This is a typical loaded question that seeks to achieve one of two things, to force a conclusion that there is no God (i.e. no all powerful Creator of all things) or that if there is then this all powerful God is far from being kind, loving and merciful is actually totally uncaring or is extremely sadistically cruel (i.e. a pathological vindictive self glorying psycho). The latter by the way is what the major so called Abrahamic religions implicitly advance in their dogma, doctrines and teachings (i.e. in all that they proclaim, pronounce, assert and acclaim) since they (i.e. the three main so called Abrahamic religions) were established by their founders ( i.e. the first of which was established between 30 to 70 C.E.; the second around 325 C.E.; and the third around after 600 C.E. )

This is regardless of whether those who pose this questions are sincere (really want to know the answer) or insincere (don’t really care for whatever answer but just want to ridicule theocratic religion in general and the true CREATOR GOD in particular.

Here then is the simple, uncomplicated irrefutable answer that exposed all these for the evil scoffers and mockers that they really are! Continue reading

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Are You Real, How Would You Know?

Most people generally understand to some degree what is real from what is not real from the things and people they interface with and the situations and events they find themselves in daily and from their past experiences. However that … Continue reading

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The Big Bang for Real

There are currently three main variations or iterations to the Big Bang Theory of science. Author impression of the Universe as per the scientific theory of Big Bang from absolute nothing quantum vacuum, before the absolute nothing decided to become … Continue reading

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The End of The World – How It Will Happen – Listing

This was previously published at and current is published in Blogger. The End Of The World How It Is Going To Happen. Here are the chapter listings on the book ‘The End Of The World How It Is Going To … Continue reading

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Bible 101 Titles

Below are the Chapter titles of Bible 101 – The Holy Bible Expounded by this author. This was previously posted in The original works are at The Holy Bible Expounded. Be sure to first read the Contents Warning before … Continue reading

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Spaces live’s blog is closing down

Got a message in my hotmail account that my minimal blogs at need to be shifted to within a stipulated time period. Not one to dilly and dally so here I am. The notification also claimed that all … Continue reading

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