Not Right That Innocents Should Suffer

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[Part 2] Not Right That Innocents Should Suffer.

Not Right That Innocents Should Be Punished Together With The Guilty

Suffering is a consequence of evil (in the creation), the consequential spiraling effects of evil in the creation and not necessarily a punishment from GOD contrary to the evil lies of the evil proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions especially blatantly evil monotheistic religions proclaiming themselves as from GOD. GOD in HIS infinite (i.e. total and complete absolutely unlimited) knowledge and wisdom has ordained (i.e. created, and established or instituted to a purpose) a physical realm where the effects of evil can be swiftly catalyzed and magnified so that the lessons of evil in the suffering and destruction that evil causes when intelligent and empowered personages choose to do evil through implicitly holding themselves to be the be all and end all in their habitat (i.e. the environment and realm of their existence) can be fully understood by HIS creatures personages, both the Spirit Angels of Heaven and mankind, in the process and short time frame that GOD had set (i.e. determined and apportioned) before time began.

This GOD does so that HIS intelligent creatures, all those who sincerely want to learn about the empowerment in themselves that they have been granted the power ability to within themselves choose, determine and set the course and direction of their lives and ultimately the determination of what they will become in the creation whether to seek good for all or to seek to do evil against others whenever it becomes expedient for them to do so. This is the empowerment of having freewill and being intelligent then having the power to act to cause an effect to themselves and to their habitat which includes to those sharing the same living environment with them. It is a simple lesson which a lust driven world social, political, religious, economic, academic, scientific and all the knowledge disciplines, just plainly (in deliberated stupidity) refuses to understand.

Even though GOD had acted on several occasions in the past (and also will act at any time according to HIS purpose that HIS will and purpose ultimately will stand, be effected, done and accomplished) to punish andor destroyed the wicked as a stop gap measure against evil in the social order of mankind. These GOD did not so much to punish but more to thwart and slow the pace of evil in the creation to allow for the GOD ordained process and timeframe (Ecclesiastes 3) for evil to be fully and completely expressed by and exposed in the motives behind the conduct (John 16:8) of the creature personages so that those personages willing to learn to make a determination for themselves to not and to never do evil (Acts 17:30, 26:20; 2 Corinthians 7:10; 2 Peter 3:9;  Revelation  9:20 – 21) may understand how evil is connected to their conducts and behaviors seeded in their motivations because of pride (ego lust), lust (of seeking what is evil to have andor to do including in communication) and greed (taking too much as opposed to enough or what is a fair or right amount with taking others into consideration).

This GOD does more as an indication (because there is no finality or end to these acts of punishment and destruction, they are just on going piece meal acts, done to slow the progression of evil in the creation for and until the appointed time for GOD to end evil in the creation finally and forever) to the actual and final punishment and correction in the Great Judgment. The Great Judgement is when all mankind who have ever lived, will be brought back to life to be thoroughly and completely punished for their sins and evils committed during their (first) lifetime, finally correcting most; and completely destroying all the rest (in ‘Gehenna’ fire) who refused to mend their ways, all who refused to be corrected (Revelation 21:8). This is the appointed time in the final process when GOD will finally and forever, bring an end to evil in HIS creation.

This (all that is discussed so far from the first installment to this point) is something the Christian Holy Scriptures explicitly, plainly and clearly recorded (Revelation 20:11 –14) which evil religions, especially the two largest so called Abrahamic religions in deliberated pretend stupidity refused to really understand. They do this so that they can implicitly proclaim of a sadistic, unjust and evil so called just and merciful God who wants them to, and authorizes them to force people through sadistic tortures and violent brutal murders, to believe in them that they are the supreme (as the ultimate definer of what God is and isn’t and the only one who has the supreme rights to rule over and enslave all others to their lust fueled blasphemous doctrines) proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of the ALMIGHTY GOD (which they in brazen and blatant blasphemies claimed is their gods, the gods and religions they proclaimed). Now anyone who is not a complete total idiot and moron (in spite of their high IQ, of being highly educated andor of having tons of knowledge) would have easily seen through these lies of these evil religions that they do these so that they can get all the lust driven mankind to support them, these proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of these evil religions, to give them their derived power (derived from and through getting all to totally worship and obey them to do their bidding to harm, torture and murder others) to go conquering (Revelation 6:1 –2) so that they might be able to carry out their personal evil “religious” agenda to rule over all of mankind “on behalf” (as is their claims but seriously if you are not stupid you would or should anyway know that it is all about them that all should worship that is obey them?)  of their religions and their gods.

Reality Of A Common Shared Dominion

In the social order of mankind as far back as we have historical records, we witnessed not only nations but families whether in times of famine, disease, natural calamity, conflict (whether personal, tribal or national) and war; peoples sharing some sort of social links such as social values and beliefs (even more so when they are living in the same geographical location) often perished or are afflicted (by these causes), together.

Today it is still mostly the same. Today even more so when total strangers travel together in any vehicle of public transport, or live in the same building, when the vehicle (especially if passenger planes) we are in crashes, or when the building we are in burned down or collapsed (a vivid example is the case of the New York Twin Towers brought down by two fuel laden passenger planes commandeered by Al Qaeda terrorists), all those in them (including in the two planes) who were unable to escape (by pre chance or by vigilance) commonly all perish together regardless of how good or evil they were. The obvious evident truth witnessed fully and extensively today is that evil in the reckless irresponsible acts of the general population of the world have seen the seas filled with rubbish waste and harmful chemicals, air in many major cities filled with smog (i.e. smoke from the emission of factories and transport vehicles, land clearing by burning, burning of construction waste, agricultural waste and leftover trash of human activities), which has for political expediency been termed as haze.

KLhazeFor some two decades now the clearing of forest land for commercial purposes through burning in Sumatra and Borneo has resulted in the air of neighboring countries (especially Sumatra, Singapore and Malaysia) polluted with from unhealthy to very hazardous haze (i.e. KL smog see photo above – left clear day, right unhealthy level smog termed as haze).

This is the reality of our existence in a common shared dominion; the reality of a share habitat tying most to all in it, to a common shared fate (as of something happening to all sharing a common living space, and not about predestination or the pagan concept of karma). When nations go to war against one another, or when glory lust drives kings (i.e. politico-religious militarized leaders) to undertake military excursions to go conquering, all those nations and people that fall in their path to lust glories, becomes prey and collateral damage to their plundering, ravaging, rapes and slaughter. Being innocent do not and cannot spare anyone from being victims and preys to the situational, and events especially the evil endeavors and excursions of the wicked that are the norm of the current anti GOD world social order.

This is one of the most crucial aspect to the lesson about evil being linked to its social order; that as long as there is evil in the social order, no one in it can expect that the harm spawned and generated from evils will not affect them at all. This is even more true when we are to consider the context of eternity and when evil is not being restrained. GOD who according to HIS foreknowledge and wisdom created the our universe in an ordained automated (or independent self generating) process that would produce live on this planet until the appointed time for HIM to put us on this planet is not so contradictory (contrary to the lies of evil religions proclaiming themselves as from the CREATOR GOD) that HE would not allow the natural order to take its due course, negating HIS purpose for creating such in the first place.

If you think the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed, you would (or should anyway) know that without restrains (i.e. unchecked by some mitigating factors) evil will eventually consume the entirety of the social order as had been absolutely proven in the Antediluvian Age and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. In both situations every little child and baby grew up to be not just the exact copies of their parents as far as embracing evil as the conduct of life is concerned, but each succeeding generations progressively becoming more perversely evil than the previous one.

This is an essential reality and truth which the Scriptures emphasized, and this truth is that as long as evil exist in the creatures, all creation ultimately in the time period of eternity, will be imparted, harmed and consumed by its spiraling ravages.

Even the faithfuls of GOD cannot expect nor demand GOD to protect andor deliver them from the trials and travails (including sufferings of persecution and torture and even a horrible death) that are part and parcel to and of this temporary existence. This is especially true when they are not separated from, or are unable to separate from, places where these persecution are taking place. This is not to say that GOD cannot, will not or does not protect and deliver HIS faithfuls, just not in every situation and every single time. Their bearing with and enduring persecution to the point of death is the testimony to their unwavering faith in and commitment to GOD that their death in this life is just a temporary step to their forever power glory as Gods (John 10:34 – 35), Sons of GOD (Luke 20:36; Romans 8:19) and a brother (Matthew 12:50, 28:10; Romans 8:29; John 20:17) to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

This is because GOD promise to the true Christian through the New Covenant (which only applies to the true Christian and not all the fake and fraudulent identity thieving so called Christianity believed by the world order to be Christianity) is more about the forever without end inheritance and reward (including immortality) they will receive at the time when LORD JESUS returns in the Second Advent, than it is about a life (in this period of the Age of Man) without sufferings (in tests and trials) even to the point of a horrible death such as those suffered by many of GOD‘s Prophets and nearly all the (twelve) Apostles of LORD JESUS. On the contrary, the terms of the New Covenant actually required Christians to bear with sufferings (as part and parcel of their calling throughout the duration of this temporary life of at most around a hundred and twenty years) and even vicious persecution of sadistic torture and brutal murder (Luke 21:16 – 17) as a testimony (to the whole social order of disbelieving mankind) to their faith and confidence (Luke 1:4; Hebrew 10:23; 1 Peter 1:20, 4:19) in GOD‘s promise to them of immortality and a forever (suffering free) happiness (Revelation 21:4) when LORD JESUS will return as HE said HE would in (Acts 1:6 – 7, 11) with the forever lasting rewards for all HIS faithful Chosen (i.e. Saints). This same Covenant also required the faithful Christians to prove at anyall times and under everyall conditions, their faithfulness and sincerity to this Covenant no matter what befalls them (John 12:25; Luke 21:16). So if even the righteous cannot expect to not have to suffer in this short temporary life why would anyone else think or imagined they have any right to expect as such?

Truth is, even now in these last days of the Age of Man as the world careens towards the coming Great TribulationGOD as loosen the checks (i.e. the mitigating restraints) on evil in the world, evil has already consumed nearly the entirety of all the self perceived supremely enlightened, merciful and holier than GOD people and nations of the world where the ‘politically correct’ social values are already way more perversely evil than those of Sodom and Gomorrah which had led to the destruction of these twin cities by fire from heaven (Genesis 19:24; Luke 17:28 – 30; 2 Peter 3:7). The seeds of lawlessness, sown by a holier than GOD and so called oh so loving and merciful world order where everyone is fixated and obsessed with their purported sacred rights to freedom to say and do whatever they want (instead of conducting themselves responsibly), has spouted and will soon consume the entire world in the days of the prophesied Great Tribulation.

We Are (By Default) For Them If We Are Not Against Them

If we are fully a part (this is from the context of us identifying with it through active participation especially in social andor political activism of actively and even aggressively promoting some values, views or beliefs, behaviors, agenda, activities andor ‘information or knowledge’) of a social order that is clearly (i.e. very plainly evident) evil from the conduct that is embraced and espoused (as a totality producing a gross effect and especially a net effect which sows and perpetuates evil), we cannot absolve ourselves of guilt for the evils committed in and by the prevailing and presiding social order.

If we are not against the world (i.e. the evils of the world) we are naturally for it (Mark 9:40). If we are not actively avoiding and steering clear of its evils through not participating (i.e. complicity of participation) andor endorsing (i.e. culpability via approval) then we are effectively contributing to (i.e. culpability from being a part of and even worst promoting) its activities that are evil. Please note that here I have separated participation which is in going along with, differentiating it from contributing, which is adding to, even though going along with can be construed as adding to from the context of giving support. But it is important to separate activism (i.e. advancing, promoting and pushing an agenda) from non activism (i.e. of just going along with, just from being accepting, moderate andor tolerant).

While Christians are to live peaceably with others, meaning to not content with andor go to war against (i.e. waging or engaging in conflict to suppress or to force into submission) others (Romans 12:18; Matthew 5:39 – 45), this however does not mean that Christians are to be accepting or even tolerant of their value system and lives conduct. We live with them (i.e. shared a living space or living habitat) but we are not one with (i.e. are separated from) them (John 17:15). While Christians are required to put up with (i.e. bear or endure) evil (even when it targets them) we (i.e. those who are true (as opposed to those brazenly lying identity thieving fraudsters) Christian seeking to do GOD’s will) are also required to always act out of good will (i.e. to sincerely seek for good to do good and not repay evil with evil but evil with good).

These all are the reasons the Scriptures clearly and explicitly commanded true Christians to be not a part of the world, to not love (which includes participation, endorsement and promotion) any part of the social order (i.e. the goals or agenda expressed in political andor social activism) of humankind (John 12:25, 15:19, 17:14 – 16; 1 John 2:15).

When others do or seek to do evil and we choose to remain neutral, conceptually we are accepting the evil they do as permitted and therefore there is nothing wrong or unacceptable with what they are doing.  This translate as us approving the evil even when we did not directly take part in it. The key term here is not to remain neutral’ which translate as accepting but it does not require us to confront or seek to neutralize the evils (which would amount to activism). We are to stay away from and leave situations were evils are being perpetuated andor sown.

When we know that someone is going to commit a crime or is committing a crime but we did not report it, we are complicit by knowledge.

There is an exception to this. This is when we know that even if we reported these crimes those who legally have the power authority to stop the crimes will not do anything effective to end these criminal acts by these criminal elements (i.e. these crimes will continue on to be committed even if we were to report them), or the power and ruling authorities are conspirators with these criminals either through corruption or in other ways.

A good example of this was the situation of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah.  Whatever Lot could do there would not result in the perpetrators of evils being stop but would instead cause him and his family to become their target.

However the one thing that Lot could do and should have done would have been to pack up with his family and leave but he did not. Herein lies his sin. Here is where the Scriptures commanded us to be wise as serpents. The Scriptures at no point required us to be stupid but contrary requires us to intelligent (i.e. wise, meaning the intelligent sensible and rational use of knowledge).

This is also the very reason almost all the Islamic nations (nations that have Islam as the ruling or political authoritative religion as well as with Islam as the officially sanctioned religion) of the world together with many to most (i.e. near all to all the pious disciples of the Islamic religions, all its various sects and iterations wherever they may be in the world in any numbers) were for many decades (with some to many still to this day) complicit with and therefore co-conspirators with so called radical Islam and terrorism (i.e. the murdering and torturing of people so as to terrorize or inflict terror upon them, as an expression religion).

Only very recently with the rise of ISIS (aka  ISIL or Daesh) which seek to rule over (i.e. to replace all the other proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of Islam who do not pledge allegiance to them, as the supreme authority of their religion) have many of these nations started to brand them as misguided Islam. Only then did they finally begin to vocally (though even then only in a very subdue manner as opposed to when they implicitly encourage and support the violent carnage by the masses under their political power against all those who they perceived as offending their religion and prophet) condemned the acts of these Islamic terrorists notable ISIS (aka ISIL or Daesh).

Christians are commanded to never be yoke together with (i.e. have a share in) those who are evil; meaning that Christians should not if they have a means and a way to get out (Revelation 18:4), be living in places where explicit brazen evils abound. These are in the concepts of complicity by association andor culpability by allegiance. If you find yourself living in a place where evil abounds, lurking in every nook and cranny, you should endeavor (on a sincere true best effort) to move away and not be adamant in continuing to stay there as Lot did in Sodom and Gomorrah.

In the account on and about Sodom and Gomorrah, how many of the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of supreme Bible expertise, enlightenment and knowledge even remotely understood (so as to then consequently teach) that as Lot was living in and therefore complicit by association to the sins of these two cities, Lot (including all of his family or household under his authority) too shared their fate when the twin cities were conquered and all their inhabitants (including Lot and his family and all their properties) were carried off as captive slaves. This is even despite Lot not participating in the evil but was greatly grieved by all the evil he witnessed daily but yet for some “very, very strange” reason he chose to remain).

So when the twin cities were destroyed by fire from heaven, Lot and his entire family too would have perished if not for Abraham’s plea to GOD thereby standing in the gap (Ezekiel 22:30) and GOD spared Lot and his two daughters, his wife perishing because she willfully disobeyed the command not to look back. But Lot’s wife was not the only one who looked back, Lot did the same when he chose to reside and chose to continued on to reside in Sodom and Gomorrah which were very clearly literally sin cities. Abraham pleaded (though in a very indirect manner) with the Angel of the LORD for Lot to be spared (Genesis 18:16 – 32) in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

It should be understood that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah by fire from heaven was made necessarily due to the earlier intervention of Abraham to save Lot when the twin cities together with Lot and his entire family were carried off as war booty by the four kings in their conflict with the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah and their allies.

This was when Abraham gathered his servants to rescue Lot and together with Lot the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah after they had been taken as war captives. GOD granted Abraham victory over the four kings and rescued his cousin Lot. This is because Abraham had found favor (i.e. grace) in the eyes of GOD.

Sodom and Gomorrah being carried off as war booties was the naturally ordained process in the social order of mankind whereby GOD brings an end or to cut short the extreme abominable evils ( which in this case was these two cities). This is the GOD ordained ‘natural’ process to slow the pace and progression of evil in the current world order until the appointed time.

In the current social order of mankind starting from when Noah and his family exited the Ark that saved them from the Antediluvian Flood, as a rule (with few exceptions) GOD uses other nations or people to conquer and destroy the peoples and nations which have crossed a certain threshold (or so called red line) in how totally or completely these have embraced to sow and spread extreme abominable evils in their social order.

When Abraham gathered his servants to go and save Lot and his family, Abraham disrupted this ‘natural’ GOD ordained process. Therefore Abraham’s act to rescue his cousin was from a strictly contextual sense an act that amounted to going against what GOD had ordained (aka GOD‘s will). But from the full context of GOD‘s will it is still within GOD‘s will as something GOD allowed so as to effect something of greater importance (or in this specific case, greater impact). In this particular case, GOD not only allowed Abraham to save his cousin but also blessed Abraham with success and victory.

If you can understand this then you would (or should anyway) be able to understand how evil in the creation in the absolute sense (because it is something GOD allows so that the truly intelligent creatures who are sincerely seeking for good may understand how evil is related to their motivation and conduct) is according to GOD‘s will but in the contextual sense it is not GOD‘s will but as something GOD allows but neither desires nor wants. GOD allows it so as to bring about (i.e. to effect or to accomplish) something that is more crucially important. And this more crucially important thing is to complete (i.e. to make perfect) the creation through ridding evils from being ever entertained thereafter in the hearts and minds of the intelligent creature personages forever thereby resulting in a creation that will forever be free from evil.

Creation, the perfecting (or the completion) of it, is a process exactly as reality, life and living is a process. Reality, life and living are not disjointed and disconnected instances of events as evil religions and science in deliberated stupidity (Proverbs 14:8, 18:2, 19:3) all pretend to not understand so they can malign and mock i.e. blaspheme (Psalm 74:18; Proverbs 1:22) GOD while they pursue after to carry out all the evils they lusted after.

During the time of the Antediluvian Age, three righteous men stood out against a whole social order of mankind, all acting in bad faith and treacherous behavior (of making use of GOD‘s name to advance themselves and their evil agenda to exploit, subjugate and harm others) against GOD. Abel because he conducted himself rightly and spoke out what is right, his elder brother murdered him. Enoch because he testified against the evils of his generation, they all seek to kill him just as Cain murdered his righteous brother Abel. Noah too would have been a target of the murderous rages of his generation except that his building a great huge ship on a land far from any large body of water turned him into an object of scoffing and mockery by his generation.

Whether they are the proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of science, academia, religion (all religions including the three major so called Abrahamic religions) and all the school of thoughts and knowledge expertise and enlightenment, one thing few seem to understand is that mankind, starting from the first family of Adam and Eve, have not only just rejected GOD as their GOD and SOVEREIGN, they have all (with very few exceptions in those whom GOD have prepared and called) become enemies of GOD, living our their lives in constant opposition against HIS Law and commandment that require them all to both love HIM as their CREATOR SOVEREIGN and to love one another equally. They all would (if presented with the power and opportunity to do) seek to murder GOD if GOD can be harmed or killed.

That was the reason the Jews (but not just the Jews because they just represent mankind as the Type to all people who claimed to believe in and to love GOD) conspired and had JESUS CHRIST murdered. JESUS CHRIST was born as a SON of man for many reasons and one of these reasons was to absolutely prove beyond any doubt, reasonable or unreasonable, that mankind would even murder GOD if ever and whenever they should be able to do so. That was also the reason the very first righteous man (because he both believed and obeyed GOD) who ever lived was murdered by his own brother (and enemy). That too was the reason a whole world of mankind (as the enemy of GOD) during the Antediluvian Age seek to murder Enoch, the second righteous man who ever lived.

For centuries after the Church of GOD was founded until just some over two hundred years, true Christians (because they have been the only ones who actually believed and obeyed GOD) were mostly to totally persecuted, tortured and murdered by mankind starting with the evil Jews, then pagan ancient Rome and after that the evil Christmas religion as well as all other religions (if ever and whenever these come into contact with true Christians) until around the last two hundred years (when true Christians were again able to openly practice their faith and worship in many of the nations in this world).

While today true Christians are able to openly practice their faith and worship in most (but still not all) countries without directly persecution by the enemies of GOD, however in a short less than two decades from today (2017 C.E) near all of mankind who truly are the enemies of GOD will again gain the power impunity to be able to persecute, torture and murder the Elect (the true worshipers and believers) of GOD, once again proving beyond any doubt that they will if it were possible murder even GOD.

So therefore there are really none who are innocent from this context as every baby who grow to adulthood too becomes GOD‘s enemy, an enemy who would not hesitate to harm and murder even GOD if it was possible for them to do so. This includes even those who have entered into a covenant with GOD to accept GOD as their GOD, SOVEREIGN RULER and OWNER. While the seed of a disease parasite may as a seed seemed to be harmless (i.e. innocent of infecting anyone) but it will in due course grow to become a parasite or disease. No one sane seeking to wipe out a disease parasite will leave these seeds of the disease parasite to unharmed so that they can grow to be a full blown disease and death causing parasites that they are.

For the reason of the common fate GOD destroyed all of the Antediluvian Age but preserved not just Noah but all his entire family from that worldwide destruction . GOD who created the creation (i.e. our reality) do not work to invalidate or nullify reality, contrary to the lying doctrines of the evil proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of religions. Some may asked, ‘what about the children of Job whom GOD killed, how does common fate explain this?’ This we will discuss in the next installment ‘Part 3 – The Covenant With GOD’.


Of Society, Nationhood And Leadership

It is an obvious fact that if we (i.e. our brain as a part of our whole body, the part that controls the rest of the parts of the body) made a stupid or reckless decision to do something, we (i.e. the brain and mind) not only put some parts of or even the entire body in harms way. Every one who has ever through their own acts suffered injuries or other form of harm or died prematurely (i.e. outside of the natural death of old age) the part of the body responsible is the brain or mind as it is the one in control of the whole body.

The similitude of this is the human social order whether a family, an organization or a nation. When those in the leadership leading and governing the country seek after evil, ultimately near everyone (all those who do not have enough power to escape the harm) will suffer the consequences depending on the extend of the harm that resulted. Very often other nations too especially those which are closest in proximity suffer the consequences of just one leadership of one nation whether in failure or other reasons bring harm to their subjects and all those around them.

From our history records as far back as we have some records, to this very day this is a fact and truth. Just the last two centuries we have witness the horrible suffering, death and destruction wrought by Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Communist Soviet Union and the evil they did not just to their own nations and all in them whether innocent babies of otherwise, but also to many of the neighboring nations too.

Today we still see a so called radical Islam supposedly the religion of peace, wagging wars against the people of the rest of the world especially those they considered to be unbelievers (i.e. all those who will not far down and worship them as gods in place of the CREATOR GOD). And in every nation where the leaderships fail to effectively act against this evil ideology (this incidentally is literally every single nation on this earth today), their rampages of brutal sadistic violence against everyone else whether innocent babies and children, have been wrecking carnage and suffering in all the places they are able to directly reached through all those who sold their souls and mind to buy into their evils of lust for the supremacy to totally control everyone, sadistic violence and sexual orgies in heaven. The world (i.e. the shifters, shakers, movers and shapers of the social order of mankind) had more than half a century to put in place measures against so called radical Islam. Irregardless of whether you would choose to believe it or not (i.e. to in deliberated stupid choose to refuse to believe), radical Islam had its beginning in the days very soon after the end of the Second War and slowly progressed (or if you being a ultra mega supreme super genius scientists or atheist would prefer — evolved and mutated) to be what it is today. But not a single leader of a single nation on earth paid any attention to it until their very own nation is affected by it.

Today with around two hundred sovereign nation states in the social order of humankind, GOD had proven to us through very evident indisputable proofs of the evils of bad and evil leadership over the entire human social order in every nations on earth. This is the reason in every single nations of this world today (some more so and others lesser) all manners of social ills (i.e. physiological ills, psychological ills, civil disorder, criminal activities, state sponsored andor sanctioned murders and other crimes, rampant injustice and miscarriage of justice, etc.) have plague the entirety of the human social order ever since Adam and Eve. This is also the reason from the very beginning of human civilization to this very day, criminal violence and wars have never ever stop begin a plague to the human social order.

But that is just the tip of the giant iceberg. If you think the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed, evil leaderships have also corrupted and plague a very huge part of the Heavenly Hosts, all the Spirit Realm of Spirit Personages (aka Spirit Angels) beginning from perhaps billions of earth years ago when a high ranking Angel having high authority turned his mind and hearts (i.e. his thinking, contemplation of motivation) over to lust instead of the Love commanded by GOD. This Angel then begin to work to turn many of the other Spirit Angels of GOD over to the same lust and through this lust to embrace deceitfulness, animosities, disdain and bitterness.

There Is Really None Who Are Innocent

Every single baby and child no matter how innocent unless their lives are mercifully cut short, will grow up to be an adult. And every single adult irregardless of sinners or Saints are evil, they will do evil when tempted sufficiently. No one is good but GOD (). Conceptually (if we all will not choose to in deliberated stupidity refused to comprehend) is that no babies or children are truly innocent because given enough time and the natural process in the human social order, every one of them will all grow to adulthood. It is a very simple thing. A baby or child is just the preparatory stage not the final one (before death unless their lives are cut short before that) which is adulthood. Therefore in the final analysis no human being is innocent so there is none innocent, absolutely.

In our social order today more than at any other times in the history of human civilization, good and evil is more understood than ever before. This however is not to say that good and evil is actually (i.e. accurately and precisely) understood at all except in the most rudimentary concepts of harm, and of what is desirable. Yet despite knowledge (and by right the enlightenment that would come with it) in near all aspect of our physical reality and behavioral motivations, great violence and carnage continued on to the plague the human social on every level. This should tell us that children all inevitably grows into adult adopting in varying degrees the values of caretakers (i.e. all those who have so authoritative influence over them), peers (all those they associate with on the same level of authoritativeness) and social order (the combined net effect on them individually in all that they encounters, interact with, look to for knowledge, expertise and guidance).

In ancient times right up until some two to three hundred years ago, almost the entirety of the human social live out their lives within the confines of the neighborhood, district, city/town/village, region and country. And near all of babies grows up with values of the area where they grew up, play, work, have relationship and live out their lives. Even in cases where strangers bring in new belief systems and the entire region embrace and adopt these belief they however do not result in a universal good but the same evil (primary of lust including ego gorging lust) express in a different way or with a different focus. So the entrenched evil in the human social order whether in a person, family, village, district, country or region remains essentially and effectively the same throughout the history of human civilization until today. And all the babies born into them grow into adult that express evil in their conduction. The evil is the same it is only the expression and focus that is different. This is the precise and exact reason why the human social order has never ever been free of evil from its very beginning until today.

Technology today especially the internet and mobile multimedia telephony, has empower more than half of all the people living on this planet with the information and knowledge to make effectively intelligent choices in their lives. This has given human kind more than ever before the knowledge empowerment to free themselves from the social conditioning to the traditional values and beliefs they grew up with. But if you have been discerning, you would (or should anyway) have noted that evil in the world have not diminished at all but actually increased. If you have clue what this would tell you, you shouldn’t be reading this discussion and this work, period.

But this is not all, the fact is even all the Angels (the Spirit creatures of GOD) of Heaven, every single one of them will over time turn to evil if not for the fact GOD rules over them in Heaven. That is the ultimate reality of the intelligent creatures, all intelligent creature personages, that without the mitigating fear of harm and suffering to themselves every single one will in the course of eternal time embrace lust as the motivator of their conduct. This is the reason GOD create first the Spirit realm for the Spirit personages (which religion especially the so called Abrahamic religions referred to as Angels) where GOD exercise direct rule over and a physical realm which is our universe left under the charge of a team of Spirit Angels. The physical realm our universe is that which science proclaimed was created by a Big Bang of something  (whether a near vacuum or of dense energy, gas or whatever) or nothing (whether a quantum vacuum of a single, dual or three dimensional point proclaimed as THE Singularity), depending on which science you chose to recognized and totally believe in.

If you do not do evil because you do not have the power whether cognitive intelligence or functional capabilities, it does not translate to you being blameless even though from the context of not having done something you can be considered to be innocent or blameless. But in the context of will you still be so blameless or innocent when once you are able to gain the power to be able to do evil, you definitely cannot be considered to be innocent andor blameless. This is because inevitably if you have sufficient power to do evil, you will once it become expedient from slight to totally, for you to do so. And that is where innocent babies and children are at. They are not innocent per se but just not yet evil, because given enough time and allowance for them to grow to maturity they will indeed also do evil and  be evil just as every human who had ever live and will ever live (during this Age of Man) had and will do evil and thus become evil (as of one who have done and will do evil) in due course unless their lives would be prematurely cut short.

A case is point is the current human social order. With nearly six thousand (ten thousand, a hundred thousand or multiple millions depending on which historical “facts” you choose to believe in) years of human history behind us, and knowledge of all kinds and all nature easily accessible to more members of mankind than ever before, yet almost every single one of mankind have chosen to believe all manner of ridiculously insane lies in the system of beliefs they subscribe to whether these are religious or “non” religious. But all these paled in comparison with all the supremely supreme “enlightened and intelligently wise” proclaimed and acclaimed Superlatives of every discipline and school of thoughts and knowledge from ego supergorging science and philosophy, to all those of lust driven religions and other equally lust driven system of beliefs whether explicitly brazenly evil or implicitly brazenly evil; all these the supreme elites of the social order of mankind, they have all pretended stupidity so they all can pretend to not understand very simple things.

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King Solomon was (i.e. if you think the Christian Holy Scriptures can be believed), the wisest man who had ever lived, and by that fact he was also the most stupid from choosing not to control his lust for women and consequently became unfaithful, chose to be unfaithful to GOD who had anointed him as King to succeed his father, King David. It is a very simple lesson; you may have all knowledge and all wisdom but if you do not act accordingly but chose to act contrarily to give yourself over to any kind of lust, all the wisdom and knowledge that you have are effectively meaningless to you, to no point and purpose for you to have them.

Another simple lesson from King Solomon is the fact that children no matter how well taught may as adult still turn to evil, to do exceedingly great evil as their freewill choice as intelligent personages empowered by knowledge yet chose to give in to lust, refusing to act out of love for the good of all. And that is the same reason everyone, every single member of mankind who have ever lived turned to evil, choosing to let their lusts rule over them and determine their behaviors, how they conduct themselves through the process of their lives. Lust is the universal slave master, it enslaves everyone, every creature personage whether mankind or Angelic Spirit personage, who would not restrained and fight against to overcome it in themselves. This also is the ultimate absolute proof of free will, which today many ego mega supergorgers proclaimed as does not exist in order to explicitly malign GOD.

It should be noted that in ancient times, from as far back as we have historical records until beginning from around three hundred years ago (when a slow progressive change began with the Industrial Revolution) the social values and consequently the life expression of conduct and social values is rooted in the social norm of the prevailing social order which were centered on livelihood framed by irrational beliefs, taboos and superstitions. In such a confining social order, babies invariably grow up into copies (from the context of social behavior and conduct) of their parents and other adults expressing the same life values and social (including religious) behaviors.
Today in many backward (especially agrarian, though not exclusively) nations (or certain areas within nations) this is still predominantly to almost totally true.

The advent of modern formalized and institutionalized academic higher education especially tertiary education together with global mass communication and an easier and speedier international travel, have empowered more individuals to strike out from the social norms, values and preoccupation to explore and adopt values outside of those inculcated through their social norms and social order. But even with this the spiral of entrenched evil is not just not broken but actually magnified and enhanced.

In all the varying social values of the world today, all babies still invariably grow up to be adults of varying degrees (i.e. extend) of wickedness. As the Scriptures testified, ‘There is none righteous, no, not one’.

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