Are You Real, How Would You Know?

Most people generally understand to some degree what is real from what is not real from the things and people they interface with and the situations and events they find themselves in daily and from their past experiences. However that do not mean that they are not, at best confused, at worst almost totally technically insane when it comes to certain beliefs, that they either totally or partially hold to be truth, factual or real. This is despite the fact that all these beliefs do no jive or agree with the known realities that they experience day to day from the since the very first instance in their lives when they had began to interact with and experience the reality of this world. Their only basis for holding to such beliefs is just on preferences or some vague emotions.

Of course here we are discussing existential realities (i.e. what is existentially real as opposed to what is fantasized, imagined, theorized or hypothesized) not the numerous other kinds or types that have been and are still being discussed and studied.

Real Or Imagined

Are you real? Or are you a figment of my imagination? Are we all a figment of the imagination of someone or something out there whom (or which) we know nothing about?

In the fiction movie ‘After Earth’, we have General Cypher Raige (played by Will Smith) telling his son Kitai (played by Jaden Smith, who is both the real life son as well as that of the movie character) that fear is not real but the product of thoughts we create. According to the wisdom of the producers (of the movie) that while danger is real, fear is not real but a choice. What do you think? Is fear just a choice and not real? It is just something imagined, only just an expression of the imagination and is not real?

The entertainment industry including fiction writers have been major sources of postulations on alternate realities since way before the beginning of the age of enlightenment and information in the human social order. But they were not the first. If our historians and scientists can be believed humankind has been postulating and theorizing on alternative realities from the beginnings of the species called Homo sapiens.

Do you know if you are real? And everything you sense and know, do you know if any of them are real and which are if any?

What is reality? Our scientists for a long time thought they knew. I am not sure if they still think so.

But our philosophers from as far back as we have records of their thoughts, seems to be very confused (and still are), as they typically are about almost everything that has to do with life, values and reality. They are forever arguing and asserting their supreme views, opinions and beliefs but never being able to give us satisfactory answers that are both clear and precise.

Do you know what reality really is, what is really real and what is not really real but a perception mirage?

The question of what reality actually is, is a complex one that will probably take at the very least a large volume book to fully explore all aspects of. In this discussion series on ‘The Issues Of Reality’ which discussed what reality is, we will explore some aspects of what the various segments of the human social order understand or represent reality to be. Then we will discuss why our brilliantly intelligent men and women of science and philosophy don’t fully know what reality really is.

Over a few hundred years ago most of the recognized leading experts of science thought our galaxy was the whole universe not too different when around a hundred years ago they thought that the atom was the smallest possible indivisible state of matter. They later learned that the universe was a lot more voluminous than that but still thought that it was more or least totally (or mostly) empty (i.e. devoid of anything) space separating dusts, planets, stars filled galaxies and other celestial bodies and objects. I am not sure whether with all that they have uncovered and discovered (i.e. learned) since, they still think that the universe is fill with empty space separating the galaxies and other celestial objects, I certainly hope not. ■

This a reworked and abridged version of the full original article on the discussion about reality, our reality what is really is. The article ‘Are You Real’  was originally published in the ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ blog. The complete installment series, ‘The Issues Of Reality’, can be found in ‘A Christian Pilgrimage’ blog.


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