Spaces live’s blog is closing down

Got a message in my hotmail account that my minimal blogs at need to be shifted to within a stipulated time period. Not one to dilly and dally so here I am.

The notification also claimed that all my blogs’ entries will automatically be transferred over. But I don’t see them. If you do, please let me know.

I starting blogging over a year back prompted by a relative who had sign up a hotmail account and consequently a account. I started with a journal that soon grew into some blogs on my religion.

As the blogs grew I soon began to release that I needed to shift it as did not appear to be able to sustain a space for bloggers. That was when I shifted near all my blogs to leaving only some links to point my readers to my new blog location. That was over a year ago. Of course I experimented a little at first before finally making the move. I did considered at that time but because some blogs that I occasionally read were at, I opted to try that out.

Now I am giving wordpress a try and see how it goes. Maybe I might shift again.


About Quah

Born a faceless number among billions, live a life of hard knocks.
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